Thursday, November 04, 2010

Queen's Dick Project

How long, right? Hehe.
Finally I have found some "free time" to refresh the site and to re-start the commissions.
I have the worst timetable of the world and my job and the univeristy don't leave me time for my favourite activity: draw!

Well, I came with news. I have decided to do a doujinshi about Queen's Blade. This doujinshi will be called 'Queen's Dick' (please, stop to clap my originality).
I will post all the process as a 'making of'. I will post my sketches and ideas, but not all. I want to sell it. The price will be 0,50$ for a doujinshi with 2 stories about 30 pages the 2 stories. Selling the doujinshi at 0,50$ will not become me rich but I thing that it's the price that I can ask for my work at the moment.
The stories will be: Echidna with Rana (Cattleya's son) and Menace with some kind of mummy.
I will put the logo into the sidebar. Clicking there you can go to all the posts about the doujinshi.

I hope you will like it.

See you!!

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