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About Site

  • What is "Oh, Yeah!!" site?
          It is the personal blog/portfolio/website of Tiko, a 23 years aged artist from Barcelona (Spain).
  • What will I find into "Oh, Yeah!!"?
          You will find information about Tiko, his work and his tastes (new releases, portfolio, tutorials, HOW TOs, reviews about anime/manga/games,...). You can also find here a way to contact him usinf the forum or sending an email to his personal adress. Finally, you can order here your commission, and find information about it, to be done by Tiko.
  • What are "Networks"?
        You can find into the Side-Bar a section called "Networks". There, you can find all personal pages of Tiko into the differente sites that exist into the network (Facebook, HentaiFoundry, DeviantART, YouTUBE, Vimeo, RedBubble,...).
  • I see that you have some banners into your blog...Can I add mine?
          Of course. Send me your banner and I will put it. I will send you you mine to be posted into your site too. Don' worry bout the size. I will scale it to the perfect size.

About Tiko

  • What software do you use?
          I use Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended the 99,99% of the times. I also use Corel Draw, but only when I want to play with it and try something different.
  • What hardware do you use?
          I use a 24" iMac with a Wacom Intuos4 Medium Size digital table.
  • What traditional tools do you use?
          Pencils and mechanical pencils (H4, HB, 4B), mechanical eraser (2.5x5 mm), rotring (0.2, 0.4, 0.8 mm) DinA3/A4/A5 paper, some rules,..., nothing special.
  • Can I ask to do a collab with you?
          Well, this is a delicated matter. I know that it's funny to do a crossover (I do it too with another people), but it's difficult to distinguish between  the real artists that want to do a crossover and the people that want "free commission". To start with, no. But if you are an usual client or we have an usual contact... for sure we can do a collab.
  • Can I color your LineARTs?
          Feel free to color it if you find it posted here or deviantART. Only, If you post it on deviantART, your blog or another site, please, link back to the original lineart and send me the link to watch it!

About Commissions

  • Where can I found information about how to order a commission?
          Here you're going to find information about how to do it.
  • What kind of art can I order to you?
          Well, into my portfolio you can see what kind of style I can present to you. About the thematic, you can ask for all you want (except if it is so... extrem or strange). If you want to know what is my favourite thematic and what I enjoy...girls and hentai! I love to draw it! Don't become shy to ask for some hentai or ecchi commission. They are my favourite! But I remind you that I can do commission about all kind of thematic.

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